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SpinPOWER Bicycle USB Charger

So you’ve got the house boarded up, you’ve stocked up on water, you are set on food, and now all you need is some entertainment to keep you from going crazy.  So you pull out your smartphone for a few … Continue reading

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Zombie Strategies Prepare iOS App

Disclaimer: This is a product created by the authors of this site, but in all fairness nothing else on the market compares to this app as far as zombie preparedness goes. If you are serious about preparing for the zombie … Continue reading

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The Zombie Combat Manual

The Zombie Combat Manual contains everything that Max Brooks may have missed in his survival guide about actually combating the undead.  The book opens with a much needed chapter on dispelling common misconceptions about zombies and the proper ways to … Continue reading

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Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks

The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead is something that should be studied or at least skimmed by any self-proclaimed zombie survivalist.   Max Brooks (son of Mel Brooks) pioneered and formalized much of the early zombie survival … Continue reading

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