German Riot Gear has a limited supply of medium sized used German riot gear suits.  We got one to play with and while the suit isn’t 100% complete (no helmet or boots), its a step in the right direction.

fullbodyarmorsuit germanpolicegear b 300x300 German Riot Gear

Full Body German Riot Gear

The leather gloves (with metal protective inserts and quick access trigger finger holes), chest and shoulder protectors, and knee and elbow guards makes for a really intimidating suit.  If your going to go out with a fight, you might as well look good doing it too.

riot gear 300x225 German Riot Gear

German Riot Gear Set

riot gloves 300x225 German Riot Gear

Riot Gear Gloves

A few items to note about this suit is that the jacket zipper is a European style zipper (the zipper is left handed instead of right) and that the suit was definitely used.  The suit has seen some decent field use (ours came with some Euros, German coins, and some instructions in German for using a tear gas grenade in the pocket).  The pants are starting to show their age and could probably use a patch or two.  We will be taking this suit to a tailor to get the zipper replaced with a proper right handed rugged zipper and to patch up a few other areas of wear before we can call it combat ready again.

You can get one of these bad boys today from here.

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