Hand Crank Powered Water Purifier

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We’ve written about the importance of having clean drinking water, but what happens when you start to deplete your sources? If you aren’t able to boil your water or if you don’t have the time your going to have to look for alternative methods.


The SteriPEN Sidewinder Hand-Powered Water Filter/Purifier uses UV light to sterilize 1 liter of water for drinking after just 90 seconds of cranking.  While its great that you don’t have to worry about batteries with this device, we found it to be a bit louder than we expected (not good for being stealthy) and quite the workout.  Your going to want some of that water once you’ve finished cranking!


One advantage we found is that the bottle connector thread matches the same threading of a standard Nalgene bottle so you can always use your extra bottles to store up water that you’ve purified.


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