Rothco Combat Shirt

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When it’s time to move from your safe house, your going to want a good base layer of clothing.  Whether your aiming to travel fast and light or pile on the body armor and make one last stand, this shirt is going to make a great addition.  The Rothco combat shirt wicks away moisture from sweat and the elements and comes with a mock turtle neck to help keep your body temperature regulated. It has been ruggedized where its needed most.  The elbows have anti-abrasion padding and the entire upper body has been coated to resist melting and dripping (rated to 230 degrees Fahrenheit).


The sleeves are gusseted with Velcro for quick adjustments and best of all each sleeve comes with a zippered storage pocket large enough to store a phone, camera, or wallet.


We will be taking this shirt through an extensive barrage of tests ranging from long runs across town, to camping in the backwoods of Arkansas and we’ll be reporting back with our findings, but so far this shirt looks like a keeper.


— Update 10/5/2011 —

We took this shirt on a backpacking trip in North East Iowa this weekend and must say that it performed very well.  The temperature dropped to about 30 degrees over night and wearing this shirt as a second layer worked surprisingly well as a wind barrier (the melt resistant coating blocked wind along the entire upper body and along the arms).  The mock turtle neck proved to be very warm during day hikes, and so the shirt was better worn in the evening or during down time activities.  The melt resistant coating held up to the hot embers from a campfire, and the sleeve pockets came in super handy for storing topographical maps and flashlights.

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