SpinPOWER Bicycle USB Charger

So you’ve got the house boarded up, you’ve stocked up on water, you are set on food, and now all you need is some entertainment to keep you from going crazy.  So you pull out your smartphone for a few games of Angry Birds and low and behold your phone is just about to run out of juice.  Just at that moment the power turns off and your left alone with only your thoughts and the monotonous groans of the hungry, dead, flesh-eating ghouls outside.

Luckily, you have prepared for the situation.  You’ve equipped your bike with a small electric generator that charges a USB device from your pedal power!  Just a little time on the bike to stay in shape and charge your phone and you are back up and running again playing your favorite smartphone Apps.

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If you have an iPhone 4 or better you’ll want the SpinPOWER I4 iPhone 4 Bicycle USB Charger Kit.

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If you are using an Android phone or another smartphone you’ll want to get the SpinPOWER S1 Universal Smartphone Bicycle USB Charger Kit.

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Because you won’t want to just take your bike out for a casual cruise during the zombie apocalypse, its best to have some sort of indoor setup.  That’s where the Magnet Steel Bicycle Indoor Exercise Trainer Stand comes in.  It takes about 5 minutes to setup and you have converted your bike (an excellent escape vehicle by the way should you need to go on the run) into a stationary exercise bike capable of charging your smartphone.

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