The Zombie Combat Manual

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The Zombie Combat Manual contains everything that Max Brooks may have missed in his survival guide about actually combating the undead.  The book opens with a much needed chapter on dispelling common misconceptions about zombies and the proper ways to combat them.  Alongside information for effectively selecting weapons, as well as varying techniques and strategies for combating the undead, the book stresses the importance of preparing for the unknown.  We here at Zombie Gear Review couldn’t agree more with the underlying messages of this book.

Roger Ma brings new concerns to light about the practicality of melee combat, mental preparedness, and a much needed reexamination of the claims about firearms put forth by Max Brooks’ zombie survival guide.


Here is a glimpse at what the book contains:

  • Section 1: Disinformation and Misconceptions
  • Section 2: Anatomy
  • Section 3: Conditioning and Preparation
  • Section 4: Weapon Selection
  • Section 5: Combat Strategies and Techniques
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